A Life of Art

Solo Show

At the Kennedy-Douglas Art Center until 2/25/17. This show is mostly my wood years, it is called "Out of the Wood" a title which has layers of meaning. I hope you get by to see it, I will post a video in the near future. Rick

Earth and fire

You take Metal and Glass (Clay), form it. Apply Glass and Metal (Glaze) and the throw it all in a Volcano (2200 F.) and pull out one of mankind's first technological achievements. It's how we got out of the caves.


Studio is being used as a multi-medium space as I get art ready for my solo show. Tung oil, spar varnish, sandpaper, carbide drill bit for drilling granite, aluminum then a steel rod to mount Cat Scratch Fever, my new sculpture that only took 26 years to complete, more on this piece later. Hiding behind the cherry Lady is my latest sculpture.

The Boys

Come see us at Ricks solo show Febuary 1st to the 24th. If you have been looking at this site you will notice that only two of the boys were good for this show, the rest are at the studio.