Artist Statement

Every human walking the face of the earth has the need to design, to make things "better", to make things more "comfortable", to make things feel and look better. It is in our DNA and we can't get away from it.

There are a few of us who feel a need to and desire to do "fine art", that tiny percentage of the collective creative spirit, that small sliver of our collective need to build, rearrange, alter and in general re-do the world aroung us. We artist are not elite, just more focused on a very limited and small sliver of the creative universe.

Cities, buildings, roads, dams, electrical infrastructure, cars, boats and planes, these are a few of the amazing things humans have created to make life easier and more beautiful for us all. We all know friends and family that can make a house a home, make an office look better and have a better "work flow" This is what I refer to when I say all humans are blessed (or cursed) with a DNA that requires we imagine about what can be, not just what is. A stick is a also a pole or a bat, a rock is a hammer or part of a wall, we can not stop it if we try.

Artist, (I mean Fine Arts in this case) deal with the mental or esoteric side of the arts, the dust catching arts I call them. Of course the crafts, fine arts, and craftsmen are blended and folded together in many ways. An artist must be a good craftsman, but a craftsman does not necessarly have to be an artist. A carpenter has to be an excellent craftsman, good at their "craft", but they do not  have to be an artist, many are but it is not necessary. But your artist, they must be very good at their craft, with a technical expertize of the highest order, and, have a developed sense of design and a sense of how other humans will perceive the work. It is a challenge at all times.

I would do something else if I could, I can't, I've tried. It leaves me empty and unfullfilled, looking around for what is causing that ground glass feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. I have no complex about creation, only a need to be creating the next "thing" although I often appreciate the pieces I have done in the past but really get excited about the "next" piece.

Michelangelo is quoted to have said he "freed the form" from the material, and boy did he. I feel like the form "frees" me, just takes the dust of this life right off of me.

Rick L. Adams