About Us

Rick Adams Clayworks is the business name of my art enterprise, found at adamsclayworks.com, this is a multi-dimensional art environment.

I have worked in the graphic arts, television, photography, theatre set and costume design, murials, pottery, sculpture (wood, stone, marble, glass, metal (welded and cast) and art education. I have alway gravitated to the 3-D arts, I refer to them as the little boy arts, they are noisy, messy and you end up withing something "built", not produced. It is a strange distinction but it is very real to me.

My current work is a blend of traditional pottery work and sculpture, I don't even try to push one over the other anymore, the work (and this artist) refuses to be controlled, at least by me anyway.

Use my bowls for life and then pass them on to a child or friend that will enjoy them for another lifetime, then to the grandchild.

Buy a piece of sculpture and enjoy it for life, then pass it on to a child or donate it to a museum of your choice.

After building a studio at the edge of the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge on the mighty Tennessee River, and spending the winter with 19,000 Sandhill Cranes and 25 Whooping Cranes, I feel blessed.

Very little heat in the studio this winter (handle that by next winter) because we just finished an extension on the house, our last major project (for now). Only four years and more money than I care to think of and we are almost finished. New electrical, plumbing, glass walls, kitchen, floors, walls torn out, room torn off, 2 bathrooms, new bedroom and almost anything you can think of, add the studio and you have the makings of a nervious breakdown. I'll schedule it for later to busy now.

Contact me and give any feed back you feel a need to. Rick