Art Show: Its not all Clay

I have a solo show coming up at the Kennedy-Douglas Art Museum, Florence Al, in February. The show will be titled "Out of the Wood" and will feature work from the last 35 years. My wood sculptures from the 1990's will be the bulk of the show and will go up through work from the last two months. The show will have clay pieces from my more natural pieces, herons and sea oats etc... It will have at least 4 pieces from my latest Clay Heads Series. My only regret is that I did not get my three sculptures cast in bronze in time for this show as I had intended.

The piece on this page is from the "Swimming Head Series" it is made from the wood of a Camphor tree, which has a beautiful golden hue and a distinct and large graining. when cut it smells of like menthol. It was carved in 1992 and is one of at least 22 that were done for this series. If you own one from this series I would love a photo from you. I am trying to track down any wood pieces from this era and to get photos and document where they are living.

Rick Adams   

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